SPRK Music

Get Noticed - Talent

With the SPRK Music Connect “Get Noticed” feature it allows our talent users to promote and launch their music within and outside our SPRK Music Platform, with the amazing built in features such as full social media marketing automation.

Automate follow and unfollow with Instagram users based on targeted hashtags. Auto direct message targeted users or hash tags based on your desired audience. Auto comment on social media posts based on targeting filter to promote your account and posts automatically plus so much more!

SPRK MUSIC is a social media & networking platform for all types of music artists! Whether you’re a producer, DJ, vocalist, songwriter, instrumentalist… this is a platform you need to be on!

Grow your social media engagement automatically. Post your content on SPRK MUSIC and our platform will push it to all your social media channels automatically, auto applying #tags, tagging etc.

Connect locally or globally with others within the music industry to collaborate, get inspired or engage with your exciting and new audience base. Find and connect with brands or with other industry experts

With SPRK MUSIC we connect your profile with Brands and Labels who are actively looking to connect with up and coming talent via our platform to sign brand endorsement, record and project deals.

For us this is the next generation for the music industry and not just a trend like a game. We believe in bringing the industry to tomorrow’s world.

We allow you to mix and match up to 6 filters to find exactly what you need e.g. a Black, female, gospel singer, in her mid 30s, residing in New York for your project.