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We are the first and only business to combine Ai technology and Industry Experts to deliver a game changing service to the industry.

SPRK Music offers an elite networking , social media and talent scouting platform that allows you to upload and promote your music content globally. Connect and collaborate and get spotted by the industry.

We have teamed up with Experts across the music industry globally. With our “Ask The Expert” you can setup hourly sessions with experts to either get some advise, training or consultancy.


This is perfect way to better your skills such a producing a song, beat etc.

SPRK Music Connect, acts as an extension to your A&R team. We will sit with your team to understand what exactly you are looking for in your next star.

With this information and understanding we will search the market using our patent tool and Sprkle Music Platform to find your next talent, verify and validate them before setting up an exchange of a prepared mix tape and meeting.

With our team of experts you can gain insightful market data to help you make the right step for a stronger tomorrow.

We bring you bespoke market research depending on your needs.

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Private Label
SPRK Music Connect definitely has a place in the industry.  It’s a good service - with the way it’s set up.  I’m looking forward to working with them and doing big things with them.  Right now I’m looking for a younger singer.  I basically have a whole album on the shelf ready to go.  I’m just trying to find that right person for it, and just dealing with different singers and personalities out there in the industry SPRK Music Connect will be a good way and a great platform to find someone who would be just perfect and just right which will give me that flexibility to find the right person.  
MasterMind Legendary
Producer / Rapper
Right now its hard to be noticed whether you’re good or not good.  If you have talent there is no way you can be missed - no one is going to over look you with SPRK Music.  Instagram, and all these other stuff...they do it for meeting people and doing nonsense type of fun, but SPRK Music is about introducing people to other artists, other musicians other underground people that take music serious.  If you want to find someone for a specific genre, a specific type of sound, specific work...this is the place to come!
Nati Popova
International Violinist
SPRK Music is the first music platform that I personally think could change the music industry for the better. For me personally, it’s so useful in so many ways. I’m constantly involved in projects with musicians from all over the world playing music with a mix of exotic instruments and styles. For me this platform is perfect!
Haley Myles
Classical Pianist Steinway Artist
London is full of classical musicians like myself. I just formed a piano trio. It took me two years of living in the city to find a violinist and a cellist who I enjoy playing with. The great thing about SPRK Music is that it cuts down this time and allows you to filter musicians according to location.